Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be Charming

So, this is a dating blog, and at some point you may have wondered: "who is Lady L. and what qualifies her to write the things she does?"

Nothing, really. She goes on dates, but that's about it. Has she been in numerous relationships? Nope. In fact, she's only twice been involved in anything that might even resemble a real "relationship."

My secret is out.
Call me a fraud if you'd like, just remember--everything I write is my opinion. :) And this is a dating blog, not a relationship blog.

I was walking to the park the other day when I heard someone call out my name.
"Hey, Lady!"
I looked over to where a group of guys were playing soccer. He waved. It was him, the man from my most recent "relationship." Seeing him sparked memories of when we were dating. And I was thinking--no one does everything right in a relationship, but he came pretty darn close.

I'll call him Tyler. Tyler and I met at the very end of the semester. I only sat next to him in class once; we didn't say much, just "hello," I think.

The night before our final exam I was studying in the library and ran into him at the drinking fountain. I asked his name and we chatted about the upcoming final and how poorly we both thought we'd do. That night I added him as a friend on Facebook, (later he told me this was creepy, I'm not entirely sure seemed like a casual way to connect, in my opinion. I mean, I wasn't asking for his number or anything).

The next day arrived. I took my exam and made my way to the library, where I ran into a friend on the stairs. While chatting with my friend, Tyler walked by. I don't remember who spoke first, but we saw each other and chatted briefly about the exam.Tyler, my friend, and I had a lengthy but inconsequential conversation, then parted.

That night Tyler accepted my friend request and messaged me on Facebook.
  • Tyler 

    great, now we can be real friends. 
  • Lady L.

    Hehe. yeeeeah buddy.  Nah, who are we kidding?? We've been friends forever, right? We go waaay back.... to the beginning of the semester. 
  • Tyler

    yeah! remember that one time I was like "hi" and then you were like "hey"
  • Lady L.

    We had a connection, you can't blow it off like that, Tyler.
  • Tyler

    I would never! What do you take me for?!
  • Lady L.

    Well, you just had me a little concerned. I thought you were being casual about our friendship.
  • Tyler

    Casual? That's the last thing our relationship is!
  • Lady L.

    I'm glad we're on the same page. 
  • . . .

  • December 13, 2012
  • Tyler

    Also, since we have a connection, and our relationship is anything but casual, you should go with me tomorrow night?
  • Lady L.

    Haha. I'm glad we agree on that.  I wish I could! I have plans tomorrow in the evening. Could we do something another time? I would like that

I didn't go with him to his work party, but I got home from my Friday night event earlier than expected, and I let him know. He came over and we watched one of my favorite movies, Sweet Home Alabama. (While we were picking a movie to watch I discovered that he actually likes some of the same movies that I do. This is surprising because not many guys like the movies that I like--I mean, very few men are understanding of Jane Austen's wit. In any case, I was impressed.) Generally, watching a movie would not be my first choice for a first date because you don't get to talk very much. BUT we talked through the whole movie. Besides, it wasn't a real date, he told me that "it's a date only after I've called you and asked you out." Those are the kinds of dates I like best. :) He earned gentleman points when he said that.

We talked over Christmas break, and the night he got back we went on our first date.  We ate at my favorite restaurant. :)

My favorite date with Tyler was when we made dinner together. I steamed the broccoli and he made sun-dried tomato chicken. (He earned points here, too. I don't like cooking meat.) see Manly Moment #1

After dinner we were sitting on the couch, talking. Nearby was one of my bookshelves, on which was a picture book--The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I jokingly suggested that he read me a story...and he did. That was probably one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. It was simply charming.

Now, my "love language" is quality time. But, it's different for everyone. Find out what your love's love language is, and keep it in mind when you want to do sweet things for  them.

The moral of the story: BE CHARMING

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