Thursday, August 1, 2013

Date Idea: Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

It's a scavenger hunt! Finding the books helps you get to know your date. I've used it a couple of times and it's fun!  Both times I went to Barnes and Noble, but a library would work too, you'd just have to be quieter. (whisper!)

Here you go:

Find a book …
From your childhood (3 extra points if no one has heard of it)
By an author with your last name
You wished a former roommate had read
You never finished
A book made into a movie (add 1pt if you’ve seen or read it, add 2 if both)
About a deceased US president
That relates to your career path
About a language you wish you knew
With a copyright dated from your birth year (10 pts)
About your favorite sport
About a skill you have
And about a skill you want to have
That could fit in your pocket (don’t try it…)
That inspired you
With a soft cover
With an official award
About war
You both agree everyone should read
A book you don’t mention you’ve read
That costs between $5 and $7
About a place you have lived
You didn’t like
About an instrument you can or have played
With a palm trees on the front
That comes in hard back and paper back
That surprises you in some way
About spies
About the environment
With headless figures on the front
That has a yellow cover
You read in high school
You want to get
About where you served your mission
About how to overcome one of your childhood fears
On a topic that always reminds you of your best friend
By an author that you’ve met
About your favorite animal
About a musical group or singer you’ve heard live
With stripes on the cover
About what you wanted to be when you grew up
Someone recommended to you
You have read from the following Genres:
Something that relates to an item on your Christmas list
The page number that a famous quote is on
A recipe that includes celery
A map of a place you want to go
A self-help book you could benefit from
One of your favorite books
A play you have been in for 3pts or it not 1pt if you watched it
A picture of your home state’s state flower (are you smarter than a 4th grader?)
3pts to the couple who finds the book with the most pages.______

Have fun!


  1. I love this list, thanks so much for sharing! I want to post about it on my instagram, @dateweekly. I haven't looked at the rest of your blog yet, but I am so excited to do so! Are you on instagram? I would love to credit you for this cute list!

  2. p.s. My best e-mail is