Thursday, July 4, 2013

New on the Blog: Manly Moments

Every Sunday the guys in my ward share "manly moments" from the week and I think it's a brilliant idea for my blog. I've just tweaked it a little bit. The "manly moments," instead of coming from the man, will be recounted from the Lady's (that's me!) perspective. I'll number the manly moments.

I suppose I should start out by defining what I mean by a "manly moment." What constitutes a manly moment? Frankly, it's any shining or positive or outstanding moment that a man has in his life. I'll be talking about manly moments that I've encountered while dating.

#1 One night Tyler and I decided to make dinner together. Manly moment of the night: he cooked the chicken.

I'll explain:
1. Raw meat is gross.
2. Having to touch raw meat is gross
3. Men who can cook get EXTRA bonus points.
4. The chicken was delicious, perfectly seasoned.

So, the first awarded manly moment goes to Tyler for cooking chicken. Bravo!

P.S. I should tell you--each person has his or her own perception of what counts as a real manly moment--on this blog I'll be writing about how I see it.

-Lady L.

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