Monday, April 8, 2013

First Date Mess-Ups

In a perfect dating world no one would ever do anything wrong. People would treat their dates cordially, no one would ever do anything embarrassing while trying to eat their over-sized, over-loaded piece of pizza, and no one would ever ramble incessantly.

Rambling incessantly is one of the things I do best, it is also one of my flaws. On a recent date I caught myself rambling. My poor date probably didn't care about the brand of flour I buy or my cousin's upcoming wedding or the 32nd question on last week's test. (Okay, I didn't really share any of those things, but you get the idea).

The point is: people do embarrassing things on first dates. Sometimes they say things they shouldn't. Some people are shy and don't say anything at all on a first date. Sometimes people are too forward. Sometimes they drip spaghetti sauce on themselves or spit little pieces of salad on their date. People are human. (Profound, I know.)

So the next time you're on a first date, cut your date some slack. If they're interested in you, they're probably nervous about making a good first impression. If your date messes up or does something embarrassing, be flattered! It's really a sign of their interest.

Good luck! ...And try not to spit salad on your date, that really is gross, not flattering.

Lady L.


  1. What if they fall in the creek on the third date?

  2. Better to fall in the creek than to be thrown in--I saw a lot of that at BYU outside Wells Hall--I don't know if it was a first date--any date would be bad