Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When I Met Mark: Falling in Love with His Family

This is a story about Mark.
The end of term was approaching and was getting ready to study for a final. I was walking out of class, and Mark (whom I had never spoken to before because he was out of my league) struck up a conversation about getting a group together to study. He got my number and said he'd coordinate with me about the time. He texted me while I was walking home.

"When did you want to take the test?" he asked.
"Probably tomorrow or Monday, what about you?"
"I'm taking it tonight."
I was surprised, since that meant we would, in fact, not be studying together.
"Oh! That soon? I will need to study a bit more, I think."
 He had family in town and needed to take it soon.

Next, he surprised me by asking me if I would like to join him the next day--he and some friends were going to the hot springs. I accepted.

Early the next morning he picked me up and we drove to the hot springs with four of his friends. I was immediately impressed by him. He was smart, funny, and easy to talk to. Needless to say, I had a lovely time. On the drive home he mentioned that he and and some friends would be playing volleyball later that day and invited me to come. So, a few hours later, he picked me up again. I was horrible at the sport, but he didn't seem to mind.

That week, we studied together a few times. He brought his guitar to my apartment and we sang together. If a man wants to win my heart, he only has to sing to me. Sing with me.  Or play for me. I'm a sucker for a musical man.

The next weekend he invited me to a local outdoor concert. Mark would be helping his friend propose, oh, and did I mention that most of Mark's family would be there? I was a little nervous.

I met his family before the proposal, they were all very friendly--I was at ease around them. He left me with them while he helped with the proposal. After witnessing the proposal we went to dinner with his family. I'd only spent 2 or 3 hours with them, but I loved them already. (This fact might give you a clue as to what kind of people they were.) Mind you, this was only the second date. If you can even count going to the hot springs or playing volleyball with friends as a date...

We made it to the remainder of the concert, and he took me home. There wasn't any parking close to my apartment so we had to walk a little farther than usual. We talked and laughed. He held my hand.

*Maybe this is just me, but whenever a fella holds my hand, it catches me off guard and I usually can't think. Or if I'm talking, I can't speak. It's almost debilitating. Rather silly, I know.

So, he walked me home. After a hug goodnight, I went inside to Skype my sister and brother in-law in Texas. While I was talking to my sister I got a text from Mark. He asked if I was still awake. He asked if he could come over again.

So, he met my sister and brother in-law over Skype, and then we sang for them. (His guitar was still in my apartment).

The next day we went with some of my friends to a giant rope swing at a smallish lake. And on the way home we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall  burger place for shakes. (it was a side-of-a-dirt-road burger place, actually). At the end of the evening, I thought things were going well.

But that was it. He never called again after that night. We saw each other in class, he was cordial, but nothing more.

So, I'll just say this:

If you have an awesome family, don't introduce your date to them unless you're planning on keeping her around for a while. She may fall in love with your family and be disappointed when you decide to not date her anymore.

Okay, that wasn't the ONLY reason I was disappointed, but it was one of them.

Lady L.


  1. Give me his address... Your six brothers would like to meet him again...

  2. Wow. As I was reading the story I did not think it was going to end that way. He must have had a change of heart.