Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Tell if You've Been "Friend Zoned"

The scenario: He took you out on a few dates, you had fun, but a couple of weeks later, something's different.

Girl, you've been put in the FRIEND ZONE.
1. He texts you sometimes, but frequently stops mid-conversation
2. He makes plans to take you out, then "forgets" about them because he was busy. (Girls, if he forgot about your date, he wasn't that interested and you should move on--he's not worth your time, you deserve a man who will pursue you)
3. On the night you were supposed to go out he asks "what are you up to?" then proceeds to tell you about how he's spending his only free night of the week with his roommates
4. He's stops making plans with you
5. He talks about other girls when you're around him
6. He asks if he can ask out your best friend
7. Girls, if he's still texting you, don't bother--this is going nowhere.

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