Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to get a date in 2 hours

.. And two hours later we were eating at Slab Pizza.

*no guarantee of exact results, but--hey!--it's worth trying.

My friends like to make fun of me for where I sit in the library. The  __ floor apparently has a reputation for being the place where single people go to get dates. (It's not true! If you want a date, wear pink in the periodicals...) Well, I happen to go the __ floor because it has good lighting, not because I'm looking for a date.

...But a date is definitely a bonus! If there are people sitting at my table, I'm going to talk to them! I'm a friendly person and I like making friends. I'm telling you, EXPANDING YOUR CIRCLES IS A GOOD THING FOR INCREASING DATING OPPORTUNITIES, PEOPLE. So, if it means striking up a conversation with the strange person sitting across from you, do it.

Even if you don't think you'd be interested in dating a person, making friends is always a good idea. Because it's very possible--no, probable--that they have friends. ;)

Before you get too excited I should tell you: I talk to people all the time, and I can tell you that it doesn't always result in a date.

But one time it did.

I sat at the table with a cute redhead. I asked if I could sit at his table, he said "of course." I took out my laptop and my books and started reading.

I looked up and noticed he was wearing a t-shirt from Mount Rushmore.  *Mustered some courage*

I asked him, "So are you from South Dakota?"

***Before you laugh, just remember that it worked.

He laughed. "No, I've been to Mount Rushmore before!"

We talked.
I found out where he's actually from.

I went back to my reading.

We talked again.
I found out what he was working on at the moment, which led to a discussion of his major.

. . . And so on and so forth.

When I started packing up he asked if I was leaving. I said I was. He said "I think I'll go take my test now, I've done as much studying as I can take!"

He and I walked out of the library together. He asked me where I lived. He asked me if I'd had dinner. (Girls, say no even if you have! Especially if it's Brad Pitt, lie to him.  Just kidding. You can always suggest that you go out another night. That's better than eating when you don't need to.)

He asked if I'd like to get dinner. (Girls, say yes. If you aren't interested you don't have to say yes, but please keep in mind that this man was brave enough to ask you out. Treat him kindly.)

Good luck,

Lady L.

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