Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Date Ideas

I was cleaning my room the other day and came across an awesome list of date ideas my sister made me a few years back. :) I thought I would share! The ones listed first are Christmas themed. I think we made the list in December about 5 years ago...

Find a guitar and write a song
Sing to old folks
Give flowers to people in public
Make ornaments or paper snowflakes
Watch a Christmas movie (pick a classic)
Christmas cookies! Yum.
Christmas dinner
Christmas cards (for friends, family, the lonely, or the elderly)
Candy making (taffy, toffee, divinity)
Board games
Chocolate making/dipping
Gingerbread houses
Write a creative story
Family history
Make a video
Miniature golf at home
Picture tag/scavenger hunt
Picnic (indoor or outdoor)
Snowball fight/ snowman building
Treasure hunt
Yoga video
Alphabet mall hunt
Era date (pick a time period and dress up like famous people)
Culture night
Puppet video/props video
Pretend shop (car shopping, house shopping, etc)
Feet painting
Laser tag
Zoo lights
Miniature food dinner
Watch a trial in session
Factory tour
Explore the City at night
Read favorite childhood picture books together

Some of these are silly, but could be fun!

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