Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Lady Likes a Reliable Man

A Lady Likes a man to be assertive and reliable.

One night while I was walking home with Henry after our study group he asked me out. This is how it went:
"I'd really like to take you out to dinner this Friday, would you like to go?"
I thought over my weekend plans.
"I'd love to!"
"How does 7:30 work for you?"
"That would be lovely," I said.
"I'll pick you up then!"
Friday arrived and I received a text from Henry around noon. "Are we still on for dinner tonight?"
I replied affirmatively and gave him my address.

A Lady would like Henry because:
 a) He's assertive. He isn't shy about asking a girl out in person. He plans the date in advance and is clear about the activity and the time.
 b) He's reliable. He politely reaffirms that the date is "still on" and makes the appropriate arrangements for picking his date up. Then He follows through.
 c) Bonus: He was on time, he chose a nice (not necessarily expensive) restaurant, and it wasn't a long date (first dates generally shouldn't be a 5-hour, all-day ordeal.)

A Lady does NOT like it when she is stood up.

One day after class, Jeremy asked me for my number under the pretense of "getting a study group together." I gave it to him. Thursday he called me:
"Hey Lady L., what are you doing tomorrow night? Would you like to go on a group date with me?"
The next day happened to be my birthday.
"I'm sorry, I already have plans for tomorrow night. Could we plan for another time?"
"Sure! How about next Friday at 7:00?"
"That's perfect!"
"Okay, sounds good! See you in class next week!"

It was Friday night at 5:00 and I still hadn't heard about what we were doing for our date. He had said 7:00, so I got ready. At 6:30 I sent him a text. When I hadn't received a reply by 7:30, I gave up. He never replied. He never showed up.

A few days later I saw photos from his weekend trip to Rexburg. Needless to say, I did not go out with him again.

A Lady doesn't like it when a guy forgets that he asked her out. If something comes up, a gentleman will inform the Lady. If it's an emergency, he'll apologize afterwards and the Lady will be understanding.

That's not to say that Ladies shouldn't be flexible. They definitely should.

Charlie asked me out for dinner, but the night before, something came up. He called me to ask if we could make our date a breakfast date instead of a dinner date. He let me know as soon as he could that his plans had changed, and I was grateful. We had a lovely time at breakfast and the few dates we had after that. A Lady likes a courteous man.


Lady L.

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  1. This is so perfect in every way. I hope this blog takes off and you become the next hot thing in the blogosphere!
    Speaking as a person who always had boyfriends and so was an incredibly inexperienced dater, I wish I could have referenced this blog, learned a few things and then swapped stories. The few dates that I've been on have yielded some I terrible ones. Just terrible.
    I am home all day long. I will be checking this often. I am so excited!